Friday, March 26, 2010

One Night With The King - Hadassah's Captivity Gown

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  1. the blue would be a tunic, not a vest.

  2. Thank you! I knew there was a better term for it, I just couldn't think of it at the time. :D

  3. This is my ancestor: "Ester Bent Abihail (HADASSAH)" who married the Persian King "Xerxes I Ahasuerus Achaemenid" in the famulous palace of Shushan,in Persia.

    Just surfing by and had to comment!
    Regards, Milly

  4. Hi Chip!

    I recently wrote a play about outstanding ladies in the Bible, which we will now be performing in April 2012 here in Cape Town, South Africa. Searching for costumes, I came across this wonderful blog. Being a HUGE One night with the king fan, I find the costume descriptions really inspirational. Thank you for your hard work!

    Be Blessed!


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