Friday, August 13, 2010

One Night With The King - Esther's Wedding Gown

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  1. Oh! That's one of my favorites... the beading looks pretty time consuming!

  2. No kidding . . . actually I think the phrase time consuming might be an understatement with this one. :D I'm sure they had some way of making it that took a lot less time than it would take me. It would take me F O R E V E R.
    But, I have to admit to being quite interested in the embellishment.

    Thanks for commenting and for being one of my followers!

  3. Hi, I just ran into your blog looking for costume info on these gorgeous costumes. I love what you're doing here, the info and drawings you provide are AWESOME!!

    I would love love love to see the info on Esther's blue dress which she wears for one brief scene with the king during that kind of human chess game; and also the cream colored one with pink sleeves that is only worn once when she is walking down the hallway and and has that confrontation with Mordecai. Any chance you'll be doing either of those??? It would be AMAZING if you did!!

  4. Hey Bethany,
    Yes, I do plan on doing both of those costumes as they are two of my absolute favorites. It's a pity they're only there for one scene each.

    I haven't had time to do them recently, but as you have such an interest, I'll definitely bump that nearer the top of my to do list. :D I was working on the study for the one with the confrontation with Haman. I'll have to check my pictures and see which one the cream colored one is. Keep an eye out, I'll get back to work on these!

  5. Thank you!

    Oops, that's the one that I meant, when she has the confrontation with Haman. Haha, sorry 'bout that.

    I'll be watching for them!

  6. I would love to know what eye make up was used by her in the scene where she's crowned queen.

  7. All the dresses in this movie were done using Indian dresses called choli dresses. Alterations were certainly made to the wedding dress but it started with an elegantly handmade Indian dress.

  8. Thank you ladies for the comments!

    Anonymous - I'm not an expert at makeup - but if you want, I can try doing a breakdown of her look. . . just let me know!

    Kaitlyn - Thanks for that information! I'm not very familiar with the names of Indian styles - but I'm definitely interested. :D Thanks again!

  9. How much will you charge a normal person to make the dress like that or something similar

  10. Hey Patrice - I'm afraid this is just a costume study from a movie - I don't actually make them. You could always look up the Choli style of Indian Dresses and see if you can't find something you like for sale. I'm really sorry that I can't help you more with this.
    Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

  11. hello i will like to know were i can find a dress like this can some one tell me thank you so much

  12. Jeanette: Try looking into the Indian Traditional dresses. You won't find one exactly like this, as it was created for a movie, but maybe you can find something close enough.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    Thanks for visiting!

  13. I just wanted to thank you for posting so much detail on these costumes. I'm in LOVE!
    I might be planning a Ren/fantasy themed wedding soon, so this helps me a ton.
    As for this and her other costumes. The fabric is definately Indian in origin. The designer is named Neeta Lulla. She's designed for such eye candy as Jodha Akbar (A bollywood film that will make your eyes melt in pleasure!).

    I'm no expert, but from my own research I can tell you that the Jewelry itself has alot of "Kundan" elements. Kundan is a traditional Indian way of setting gemstones in their jewelry (it's very distinctive, you'll note if you google it). A ton of her Jewelry is all Indian style (or inspired), especially the diamond and gem medallions (like on the front of her crown, and her huge necklace).
    The earrings like to be styled after jhumka styled earrings. Which are often attached by a similarly styled chain that attaches into the hair or to even a Naith or nose ring!
    Her's seems to attached to her hairpeice, LOVE IT!
    If you watch the Bollywood Movie DEVDAS, Ashwariya Rai wears a Particularly beautiful Black Sari (all of them make me drool) where she wears her hair up in the back with a similar type of Hairpeice as does Ester in this gown.

    I can also say the Veil seems to fit certain Indian Styles, but my gosh they have so many to pick from!!!

    On the other hand, is it just me, or does the gown itself remind of a Kirtle. Tight sleeves with a tight bodice that flairs down to a skirt.
    I've seen a few Renaissance gowns that look similar and were considered Kirtles.
    Once again thank you for sharing, and if you have any more detailed images of this gown (though you've provided so many) please don't hesitate to share (or your ideas of how it was made).


  14. Thank you Jasminelelani for that WONDERFUL comment. I really liked reading it and found I learned quite a bit. I actually know next to nothing about Indian clothing, but I loved the costumes in the film and hadn't seen anyone else doing costume studies of them.

    How wonderful on the themed wedding. Do you have a blog and will you be posting pictures? I'd love to see what you come up with!

    In a way you might say the gown bears resemblance to a Kirtle. I can see that.

    Thank you again!

  15. Hello. I love your site. I was looking for others costume breakdowns of the dresses from this film because I like making my own, (not posted on the web, just in my sketch book) and I wanted to see what other people's ideas were.
    I think the "earrings" are actually attached to a loop that just goes over her ear. The earrings are too heavy to wear actually in an ear piercing, and from some close shots in the after the wedding scene it looks like that's what it does. That's my theory anyway. :)

  16. Spotting the interest that the clothes in the film have evoked, Samsaara, a high-fashion retailer with a presence in five cities including Dubai and Kuwait, has decided to retail 18 of the dresses designed by the filmÕs costume designer Neeta Lulla.

    The costumes that will be sold are only for women and come with price tags of between Rs 7,000 (?$137 us) and Rs 2 lakh for the lehangas that Aishwarya Rai wore.

    The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes

  17. God know I would pay ANY amount of money to buy or rent that exact dress with hair jewelry, crown, veil, and cloak but to my size. Jeeees! give the talent to somebody, anybody on this earth to make a replica, but an exact replica, same materials, same colors, same hair adornment, everything and sell it!!!! Me! I'm the first client!


  19. this is really helpful.hope you can add more costume studies of other movies:D

  20. So who can make the dress coz I want the dress for my wedding! Big smile! Is neeta lulla the desinger of the dress?

  21. Inbox me on if anyone knows were I ca buy or who can make the dress n the kings outfit!


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