Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspired by the Sound of Music

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  1. This is so pretty! It fits you very well - and I love the dark brown color you chose. What a wonderful project!

    I love the fact that it is so versatile!

    (and you live in a gorgeous area! what beautiful backdrops!)

  2. Oh, so lovely! I've been infatuated with the Sound of Music ever since I was a little girl=) You did a marvelous job on your bodice - I will be looking forward to seeing the completed project.
    And I just love that first picture!

  3. Dear Chip,

    What a cute outfit! You did a wonderful job making it.

    I especially love the picture with your horse...

    Have a lovely day,

    Hannah Elizabeth..

  4. Cute :) And realllly good pictures, too! Love the different colors in the landscape with your outfit.

  5. It looks GREAT! You are so good at this! Wow!

  6. OH!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Did Missy take the pics? They are BEAUTIFUL! :D And you are GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. Thank you ladies. :D

    Atlanta, yes, I like where I live. You should see it when it's all green with spring.

    Thank you, Kellie. I love the Sound of Music as well. . . so much lovely singing.

    Hannah Elizabeth, thanks, unfortunately the horse isn't mine. He's belongs to the neighbors. I wouldn't mind having a horse though. :D

    Thanks Celine!

    You're so sweet, Rachelle.

    Elizabeth -- Missy did indeed take the pictures. I forgot to credit her -- but she didn't want me linking back to her because she felt the pictures weren't very good. (I disagree.) :D

  8. Are you serious?! The photos are AMAZING! You have an amazing sister with amazing talent who is rather perfectionist. Hehe. You look beautiful. :) Wish you were coming out with Missy next week! <3

  9. That is so pretty! You are very talented. =)

  10. Beautiful pictures!! You glow with the Presence of our King!


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