Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Night With The King - Blue Chess Gown

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  1. Wow, I am really drooling over these! Anyway...
    it makes me want to have a Esther themed ball!
    Thanks again, your my new favorite blog :)

  2. Sarah, that would be so cool! An Esther themed ball. :D How neat!

  3. Very interesting.... I'm still trying to understand your sleeve description, but everything else seems perfect. I haven't seen the movie, but this is making me want to. :-) I agree with your corset assumption as well...it is a pity we can't see the back, and wether or not it is laced. I have been loving your costume "dissections". :-)

  4. Joanna, Thanks for the comment. :D I know, the sleeves are a little confusing. I wish I could figure out a way to make it a little more obvious. I'll be thinking about it, and maybe I can come up with a better description.

  5. Wow, imagine how LONG the fabric must be for the sleeves! But it is gorgeous, I agree. I think you're right about the two skirts, that has always confused me but what you are saying makes perfect sense. :)

    As always, beautifully done!! Thanks!!

  6. Thanks for the comment, Bethany! I know, I can't imagine how much fabric it would have taken to make the gown. I wonder how much it cost to make. :D

    So, ladies, what gown would you like to see done next?

  7. I have really enjoyed your blog about One Night with the King's costumes. I happened to find your blog after watching the movie for the first time and falling in love with one dress in particular and I was trying to find a pattern for it. I was hoping if I made a comment you could maybe share with me the dress in which she wears the night the King asks her to marry her. I honestly cannot sew at all but was maybe thinking of tying some of it into my one day wedding dress!!! Thank you so much!!

  8. Acacia09 -- I'm so glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment!

    I will put that dress next on my list. :D It may take a couple weeks to get around to -- things have gotten busier with Christmas coming up SO SOON! :D But I will start working on it and will try to have the study up before the month, and the year, is over.

    How neat. . . I know, I have thought of ways to incorporate some aspects of these dresses into a wedding dress as well.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  9. Thank you so very much for these costume studies! I've been looking forward to you doing the blue gown for so long- it is my favorite. How do you find all these pictures? I remember this one dress, I think it was burgundy colored and she wears it when she gets the message from mordecai... I think. I remember she was surrounded by ladies in waiting. Could you do that dress next? Thanks again, and have a great day!

  10. Anonymous - Thanks for the comment!

    I take the pictures right from the movie using my laptop for the studies. As it is only for entertainment and I don't make anything from it, I believe it is legal.

    The dress that (I think) you are referring to is burgundy and blue. The one she wears when she receives the message about the plot on the Xerxes life. I will definitely do that one next! Though I don't know when I will get to it . . . but keep an eye out.

    Thanks for the request!

  11. The sleeve pattern is based off of a petal, or tulip, sleeve pattern. I'm amazed you figured out what the sleeve pattern looks like without really knowing how to do it! I've been sewing for twenty years and I had to look it up! Anyway, here's a link to making a basic petal sleeve pattern for anyone who wants to try, although it's gonna take some thinking to get the sleeve that long. http://mysparkle.blogspot.com/2011/03/petal-sleeves-tutorial.html I was really glad to see your blog on it though. I'm making a Persian/Indian "princess dress" for my twin sister and was at a loss as to what I was looking for. Gorgeous, although there are some things I plan to do differently!

  12. Thanks for the info! I would love to see photos of the dress you make, if you care to share. :D I really appreciate the comment and the link to the tutorial.


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