Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Night with the King - Past, Present, Future Gown

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  1. Nice job again! I really like some of the design elements and I love chiffon (probably what the fabric is. That or voile...) but I agree that it isn't something I would wear in public. :-)

  2. Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate you putting this dress up and what a very amazing job you do on your studies!!!! God Bless You :)

  3. Thank you ladies for the comments.

    I really appreciate the fabric suggestion, Joanna. I thought it might be something like that, but I really don't have much experience with fabrics. Not as much as I would like. :D

    No problem, acacia09, I was happy to have you request that. I love it when I have requests. They make my day! Now to find time for the next one. :D

  4. is there a sketch for this?
    i would appreciate it much if you could make one.
    its a good get away dress less the heavy beads:D

    thank you so much chip:D you made my night!:D

  5. i love the fact that you do his so pleas keep doing it

  6. lol(my friend)she made this dress for a high school play, set back then me and her embalished for hours trying to make the stars and other details just right we made the ties on the sholder the way to tie it up that way others could wear it and ajust it to fit right for them and ther body type we also did a under tie at the waist so it is on the inside of the dress and you pull it and tie it from under the dress to fit most waists etc, it took her 72 hours as it was at her house she worked 48 hours on sleep then she was going to go make us some coffees ten minutes later i go down stais and shes asleep so funny thanks for the study you pointed out so many details and everything love it she also did the petal detail she did a quick stich for the ones not showen and stuck a gen/gold pin and made a button like thing for the ones showen


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